Monday, April 30, 2012

No more a beginner and funeral potato's

Our Granddaughter Kennedi's 4th birthday

Can I just say she was the sweetest thing ever!

Not only her birthday over the weekend...but 2 grandsons.
One grandson who is eating very healthy the past 4 months asked for this:
mountain dew!
Of course he got TWO of them...that's what parents do
over indulge.

this morning...
I was visiting green smoothie girls blog
WEll, this is all about FUNERAL POTATO'S
we all know what they are, right?
(read her april  23rd and april 30th blog)

Seems she is hosting the baseball team dinner and the MENU needed to be
discussed, by some mothers who do not know she is famous greensmoothie girl or
they do and they were sticking up for their sons best interests
of having their usual PORK, FUNERAL potato's, fruit cocktail/whip cream salad and
of course some to DIE for dessert.

Green smoothie girl KNOWS what funeral potato's are and their importance in our culture, being the same religion and all.

She suggested to the mothers how boys really love her salads and she would like to make a big salad for them. It's some very entertaining reading.
 Glad I'm not a mom of school age children anymore.
my very own offsprings lived on sugar of any form.

I should repent,
and they should forgive,
loving them with sugar.

Have you signed up for her newsletters yet?

Robyn suggested that many of us think our GREEN drinks should be SWEET.
cough cough...I AM ONE, mainly by adding too many fruits.

Repenting again... off to the storeZZZZ... I went today.

Green earth I found my favorite sprouted pumpkin seeds, ezekiel soft taco shells,
and a little box of ginger candy ( a purse treat), kale and chard.

Harmons had couscous, mediteranean curry (our fav) and parmesian flavor
which helps with a taste of cheese since we don't eat that anymore.
Trying ginger/garlic seasoning with no salt, bottled crushed ginger for a new flavor.

Costco I fill up on strawberries, apples, avocado's, chips, spinach, carrots,
almonds, walnuts and salmon.
Don't believe all these to be organic but when its possible we do.
Found Lara bars for 88c each compared to double that else where.
They make a nice dessert/snack.

building immunity the goal
feeling like not so much a BEGINNER anymore.

staying focused

Meat seems less appealing.
a little salmon/fish/steak/hamburger, but not much.
Protein coming in different forms.

never bought one in my life till today. 
assignment this week to find a use.

I will admit to a 20 oz. diet dr. pepper once a week
someone help me!
(oh ,no, don't please)

Since it's MAY 1ST, like tomorrow
my SCALE is saying it's time to exercise.
hate these talking scales.
even though I have planters fascia on my foot I have SEEN there are
ways to exercise without straining it.


next week I will share healthy BRAIN FOODS

Don't we get "unhealthy food" put into our faces ALL day long?

my cute niece sharon just posted this on pinterest
I pinned it!

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Lorraine Lewis said...

Brenda your lunch looks pretty yummy but i can't imagine life without cheese but i think you have me convinced I need to visit the green smoothie girl and buy her book! i am headed out of town but i promise to come pick up my stuff next week. so sorry i have not made it out to your cute little shop!