Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sweetness and goodness

Cherry-a-lets wrapped
in a hanky
because it's hanky panky week.
Sweetness sits on a
paper doily.

My new Healthy icecream
made from coconut milk
all you need is 1/2 cup.
Mr. Roses hasn't bought
our favorite Farr's burnt almond fudge in a month.
We've lived though it!

Healthy Brown rice pasta noodles

Try 95% fat free
hamburger...must be
it doesn't smell bad
like the other stuff.
also purchased at
wholefoods market,
we love
their organic meats.
There IS a difference.

sauce is diced tomatoes with garlic, fresh parsley, add slices of ORGANIC PEAR
  a healthy meal.

Remember we are open Fri/Sat. 11-5:30

Hopefully the Valentine
shipment from Bethany Lowe arrives Fri/mon.
sorry about it not being there today.
Joni will bring in her
Valentine handmades
Fri/monday too!

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