Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Theme for this week is
"Stitch in time"
also meaning: we are having a
on all our vintage QUILTS 1960's and older
(bidding begins THIS week)
Come anytime this month and place
your bid, bidding ends feb 25th.
We have some charming
handmade vintage quilts.

Shiny valentines
wreaths, handmade tags etc.
(Word sayings next week.)
Still doing some "hanky panky"
(making things with hankies)
using elements in textures
such as paper.burlap.vintage linens.
See you Thurs. Fri. and Sat.'s

We know that some of you are still not aware
that our days have changed and we are
sorry for your being inconvenienced.
We hope soon that the word will spread
and you will remember
the day changes.
again, sorry to have missed you.

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