Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Patina neutrals to start the New Year

Burlap. mercury glass. glass with bird tops. rusty crowned glass frame.
glass container with crowns. even burlap bags with nests and flowers.

Numbered Burlap and metal.

Handmade  white painted tote filled with burlap and twigs.
rustic bird clock. numbered ribbon and metal buckets.

All of our large picture word boards
will be $10.00 off
this Thurs. Friday and Saturday.
Our new shop days.
Hours: 11-5:30

She's eating healthy this year
(she: meaning me)
My New Years goal.

Being an extremist with diet Dr. Pepper
(meaning first thing in the morning you can hear a can top opening)
I am done as of 3 weeks ago.
Have already been through the 3 day headache.
I'll show you what my daughter has taught me
about eating healthy for this year.

This drink:
oogave soda
all the flavor
all the fun
None of the junk!
gluten free, caffeine free, low glycemic and vegan.

The junk in Diet drinks were getting in my way of feeling good.
*so it's bye bye*
(not saying I'll never drink one again)
pretty sure.

Oh...and lots of water

This is another drink I really do not like.
It's as if you have gone to the forest and scooped up the ground

Smells and tastes like that too.
Of course its strained.
It's hideous though.
I don't think I can drink 3 cups a day.
It's not for everyone.
Not even me.
But I will

I'll be showing healthy foods and recipes at least once a week,
my main shopping will be from Wholefoods at Trolly square salt lake.
(tea is not from wholefoods)


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