Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rise and Shine Tag sale

Thurs-Sat is our first tag sale
of the season. Tons of fun shop merchandise at low low prices.
Inside and out.
Oh...10% off anything in shop
included in this sale!

When you leave your email address or a friends you will qualify in a drawing of this new book out by Jenny Doh. She was Somersets editor and chief and now has her own business.
You will get MY COPY signed by Jenny personally at the recent Farm chicks.

This is Joni's copy, when I mentioned Joni's name to Jenny she went on about Joni being one of the sweetest people she knows and of course creative.
Joni and I are waiting for the new somerset LIFE to walk through the doors, she designed a ballet shoe featured on page 48!
More on this later.
I'll keep you posted!

we'll have some cold drinks ... to keep you cool as you shop. We'll keep adding more to the sales piles each day, so come as often as you'd like!
Thursday and Friday 10-6  Sat. 9-3
See you soon!

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