Thursday, June 23, 2011


Come hang out in Mayberry (state street)...We put the chippy black old Theater seating
outside to enjoy sitting under our 100 yr old shady trees.
 Maybe your waiting for a friend to show up,
or to use them to plop your Hubby on while you shop.
I suspect when I pull up to the shop today the Barber will have discovered
THESE are just right for him.
He's the Mayberry personality  type
Lives life casually
In fact he had a sign on door Monday...Gone fishin'
whatever that means.
He said it could mean anything.

Hours until after July 6th:

We'll be closed the following Friday/saturday before July 4th and the day after.
Check blog for any kind of day changes is the best in July.
Cause I may want to find out for myself what
Gone fishing means!
Sounds fun.

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