Thursday, June 9, 2011

Now's the time to finish up your flower gardens
My cutest Vincas didn't survive the drenching 2 day storm and then the
drought from us traveling.
I'll try again next year.

Newly acquired Funeral baskets from Farm chicks
Love collecting unusual funeral baskets
Love them in my sunroom with the paper bee tags?
Must have bee's
and the rain is beating on the windows...again!

80 Wonder Bread baking pans connected in 3's and 4's are
awesome for plantings and organizations.
These are upside down as they are awaiting their cleanings which is
now done and we put half at General Store in Layton and
some will come into the shop today.
The one with little holes all over were once used for french bread.

at Farm chicks they were $40.00
just sayin'

It may be possible to have a shop yard sale next Thursday-saturday
still weather watching.
Marking things down still and adding to the piles of clearance in the back room

come see what's old and new

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