Thursday, June 16, 2011

BARGAIN TIME 2 more days!

It's just a bargain right now to shop at Just a bed of Roses!

Tomorrow at 10:00 come search for all the things you LOVE...for a Bargain!

We have loaded up the truck AGAIN with lots of wood projects I will never get around to, end tables and chairs that would be fun to paint, and we have compiled and pulled much more from the shop.

Don't forget Neumans bakery opens at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, closes around 3...we have the drinks to go with your scrumptuous pastries.
Could someone bring Joni and I a treat?

Come enjoy the sun (fingers crossed).

Neumans is the house located just north of the Farmington cemetary on the corner.

Inside our shop Friday and Saturday all merchandise is 10% off.
Don't let your friends beat you to the BARGAINS...or a shopper grab something before you grab it! Saw that happen too much today.

Speaking of today...can I just thank those who came, and those from far away too, we love and appreciate you, your all so much fun!

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