Sunday, November 28, 2010


Celebrating COBWEB CHRISTMAS at Just a Bed of Roses this week...

Big Green Spider is the drawing for this week's Christmas event
30.00 value

Twisted spiders is a patented handmade beaded spider made right here in Utah. They are made in 5 sizes with so many spectacular variations it's hard to narrow your choice to one.

When you buy 1-3 receive 10% off.  4 or more receive 20% off -- THIS WEEK ONLY.
We will carry them ALL YEAR.  prices range from 15.00-30.00 in several sizes. Each has a loop on the end for hanging or clipping even to a neclace.

For our shop we get to chose an exclusive design...just how will we decide? Crystals, Pearls, polka dots, swirly butts...just too much fun!

There is still time to SPECIAL ORDER specific colors/sizes so hurry in while we have a good selection.
(discounts not available to special orders.)

What's a spider got to do with Christmas?

Twin spiders

For boys AND girls

Spiders are UNIQUE UNEXPECTED GIFTS for the Gardner, an avid Halloween decorator or witch, and I gave my childrens family a big spider for their tree with this book for their Christmas Eve present:

 The book COBWEB CHRISTMAS IS OUR FAVORITE ONE...go to for your copy. It tells the story of this little lady in the woods and she invites all the animals to Christmas dinner except the spiders. On Christmas Eve the spiders go into the room and spin the most beautiful webs that look like tinsel on the Tree and that is how tinsel came about...and the spiders were invited back every year. Love the illustrations in this book.A German legend and Tradition of putting a spider on the Christmas tree each year.

Last weeks winner for the 2 burlap wool holly bags will be announced Monday evening. 

With this current snow storm...decision to open the shop or not Monday will be decided Monday 10:00 a.m.

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