Friday, December 3, 2010

Magical Vintage Christmas

Vintage Christmas boards of times past
newly arrived, right here, right now!
Only 1 print of each style

Precious  angelic Children
awaiting Santa to fill their stockings with suprises

Sparkling Santa with angel child

Did you know Santa will be at the Farmington community center
this Saturday for 4 hours.

He's filled his sleigh with toys for good girls and boys

Christmas Gifts and decor in Handmades arriving daily now

furry handmade tree skirt with pom poms may be from the 50's


Over 30 collectable and project usable antique button packages arrived
you'll want first pick
from Betty's Buttons
These are from her mothers collection whom passed away recently in her 90's.

Santa shops at Just a Bed of Roses
YOU can too
And put YOU on YOUR list!

Our spider sale is on thru Saturday
come put your name in for the weeks drawing for our giant beaded spider in green!

Selected Queen mugs and frames are 1/2 off
and a new shipment of Christmas
should arrive today.
(fingers crossed.)
Happy Shopping
see you soon!

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