Sunday, November 7, 2010



I carefully counted calories
As at the table I sat.
And visioned my figure willowy
With thirty-five pounds less fat.

I ate my hot rolls butterless,
My baked potato dry---
Non-fattening milk was my beverage,
And I passed up the rich cake and pie.

My clothes seemed a little looser,
And my spirits fairly flew---
Soon I'd be wearing a thirty-six
Instead of a forty-two.

But then came the time of testing,
Where fat women rise or fall---
Finding lush leavings on grandchildren's plates
To scrape in the Dis-pos-al.

Wasting was always so sinful,
To children of my generation,
So a bite of this, or a spoonful of that,
I ate just for CON-SER-VATION.

This morning I got on the scales to weigh,
And the numbers went zooming by
To that same old hundred and eighty-
Oh, Rats, pass the strawberry pie!

Poems of Fanny Gudmundsen Brunt
Moods and Memories  copyrite 1959

The winners of our drawings THIS PAST week:

Kelli Syms: a pearl pillow or pearl runner
Michelle Blackhurst: a pearl pillow or pearl runner

This evening next weeks event will be announced

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