Thursday, November 25, 2010

Get your $$$ out from under the mattress...

It's the week-end for making your front door Merry
(this is from a 1965 McCalls magazine)

Plus Finding or thinking of gifts for "YOUR man"

Searching for gifts that create happy faces on Christmas morning

Buying Practical and necessary things for those we love

Speaking of PRACTICAL!
Did you see the u-tube about being in the doghouse?

Thanksgiving week-end...find some entertainment,
try new food and do some leg work.

 TIME to Get your money out from under the mattress!
For Black Friday

FRIDAY & SATURDAY  EVENT is 20% off one Christmas item...Christmas decor/gift items
are coming in daily now. Put your name in for door prize this week which is two burlap bags with
handmade wool holly by Kelly.  Friday hours: noon-4 or 5  Saturday 10-till it starts to snow 5:00 approx.

Always Appreciate your support!

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