Friday, November 5, 2010

Sandi Glauser...Support & Fund raising event

                 The beautiful Pearl runner & pillow with Santa will be auctioned off Saturday night
at a Silent auction fund raiser for Sandi Glauser of Syracuse who is in a fight for her life with Leukemia.

Sandi one GENEROUS woman with her time & money, neighbor to my sister Janine Crosby and one of her best friends needs our help, love and support. The community will gather in
Syracuse at the Glenn Eagle Golf course Saturday evening  November 6th  6:-8:30.

Sandi is always the first at your door when you need help, has a  fun sense of humor,believes in a nice family sunday dinner with family and friends, a solid rock to her family. Honored her parents, loves and celebrates holidays. Her and my sister worked several years with the Special needs Stake and it was one of the joys of their lives. Sandi has a lovely home and loves making home a beautiful special place to live. Her Grandchildren are her precious joys,( children/husband too) but you know how we are about the grandchildren!

She loves the Lord with all her heart and that's why I chose the pillow Believe...

Let's Believe many miracles will come through this sudden trial as we shake our heads and think "why?"
Let's put trust in the Lord and have faith, find purpose and meaning.
Pray for her and her family that they can and will endure.

And Please go do something nice for someone in need... in her honor.

If you know Sandi and have had a nice experience with her please comment here.

Just a bed of Roses is happy to be a support in this special event...hoping you can too.

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