Monday, October 25, 2010

Wizard wear, Potions and whimsical curiosities

With a POTIONS shop above

Wizardwear that magically and mysteriously goes up and down
and a cat made from tape measure

Windows of whimsical musical instruments

Giant jelly bellies

Curious and whimsical shops of novelties

A place to wait in line...let's see was it 1 and 1/2 hours?
No fast passes allowed here!
So worth it!

A place to learn wizardary

Giant chocolate frog in it's grand golden box

Harry Potter village at universal

all buildings were crooked like these

3 witches brooms restaurant
Do you hear some cackling coming from inside?

A TIRED little girl who spent the day in a magical land of Harry Potter
she picked out her own Wizard Wand
Of course all children sleep like this don't they,upside down and with new toy.
Grandma should be sleeping where her head is, and isn't it
magical how her legs bend like they do.
To be a child.

Have I not found the Hogwart train to show you?
It's somewhere.

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