Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween, so full of all kinds of temptations
 from characters
having BIG Warts & BIG Noses

Halloween can be trick or treating till the MIDNIGHT hours.
In magical places or our own neighborhoods & schools.

For Joni and I was changing out the shops Halloween till
the Midnight Moon and now HALLOWEEN has Vanished!
and taking much needed advil
(just being honest here.)

A season of PLAYING and getting SOAKED with those you love.
Getting squirted and holding on to little loved ones hands on
Grandma's favorite ride in the whole world.
Popeye at Universal Florida
( it was grandma can we go again...3 times, that's cause I
am a good grandma, love being soaked)

The traditional Candied apples, this year our granny smiths
came chocolate coated with marshmellow EARS.

October can be an irresistable sugar OVERLOAD
just check your scale. (okay dont!)
As we were taking down Halloween  Oct. 30th a batch of fresh fudge arrived along
with cherrie chocolate cupcakes.
Sugar Highs NECESSARY when working 14 hour days
All good...ALL GOOD!
Joni's fault
the 14 hour days and days.
HER addiction
Display and neatness

Halloween we can be anyone we want to be and it's OKAY
we even meet some of our favorite characters...
that's the magic of it all.

Fortunes of good and evil can be given...magic and mystery, do you believe?

Pumpkins can dangle from trees
and it seems HAPPY and kind of NORMAL.

In Florida it's not bats and black cats your afraid of...

Kennedi our little 2 year old cheerleader coming trick or treating
Halloween, a time FOR MAKING MEMORIES
What did you do when you were growing up for Halloween?

My dad was our elemenary principal and I remember parading
around the school hallways and in the evening grabbing a
pillowcase and off we went till 10:00 p.m
okay may it was 9.

( ADULT SUPERVISION..oh noooo way!)

My husband would take our 4 children out and laughed at how they ran with their little legs
as fast as they would take them, avoiding rolling in ditches.

I was home giving out the treats and ALWAYS working on Christmas projects
in between trick or treaters
Being a shop owner then or doing an upcoming boutique
because in MY world that's JUST how it
has ALWAYS been.
Husband and children LEARNED and think it's normal
Halloween IS Christmas too.

Let's say Goodbye to Fantastic 2010 Halloween, file away our
 pictures of MAGICAL moments to ponder in our quiet moments in the future.

Within an hour this morning of awakening
for Just a bed of roses
and we look forward to its
next year.

the Nov. 1st WEEK EVENT will be blogged

and thank's for YOUR SUPPORT of making this the
BEST HALLOWEEN season in our 3 years!

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