Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You want to be a CHAIR for HALLOWEEN?

Here's how to be a Formal dining room chair/table for Halloween costume party...funnest lady came in for her first time from Salt lake and said can you help me I need a costume. I walked her around the store then left her on her own...good thing, she walks up with this formal cream fabric chair cover and said I want to be a chair...how can I do that?
I've never been given THIS opportunity before...
One thing turned into another and pretty soon she was wearing a long broach that was the tablecloth gathered up by a spider bracklet (napking ring). Then we got black ribbon trimmed in silver and added a ruby red vintage cup for her neclace. Grabbed a black top hat headband for her head and a black rhinestone crown ring adding to her long black velvet gloves.
Are you visualizing?
next...she bought the mercury glass style skeleton head that looks like a chocolate head wrapped in gold/silver foil and will be held by her on a silver serving platter.
She found a medium sized round rose pillow to attach to her back, I kind of went "what?"
She said it was a formal chair pillow. okay got it!
She will add silverware, and some handmade bead spiders to her tray and her clothing.
Now her grandson wants her to paint her legs brown like wooden legs.
I think the beautiful black heels with the gold rose  she discovered walking to her car, then turned back around and bought  (what a find!) would be Just right!
She was pretty excited...can't blame her.
She COULD win the prize!
You think?
I do!
P.S...there are a few chair covers left in the shop
just sayin!

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