Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Phantom Chandaleirs for Open House this week

Play a little "Phantom of the Opera" music while wearing your Chandaleir Shirt

A haunted and eerie "From the Graveyard"  vintage witch hat
Is that a rat peeking from behind a headstone?

Someone you know needs a good laugh?
Tie one of these on their treats!

Our Whimsical SPIDER WITCH  is saying Boo!

Black & white Creative Handmades all over the shop
Chalkboard clipboards
Body Structure banners
Paper tags for Halloween galore

The BLACK ROSE headband

20% off an item of your choice each day and more
Come try our new caramel popcorn

 Our BIG SPIDER T-S MAY arrive today

That's our BEST DAYS at
Just a bed of roses

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