Monday, September 6, 2010

Though we've got to say GOOD-BYE for the SUMMER...

LABOR DAY...the end of what we call summer... isn't it?
60s song of the day...loved this one sung by THE LETTERMEN, did you? Okay, some of you?

Marshmellow treats on a stick came from the shop.
Learned some fun new kitchen table games

My father insisted we all come to the cabin over Labor day...I protested all week, cause I KNEW BETTER and HAD JUST  taken 4 little ones up a week before... then at the LAST MINUTE
called a couple of grandsons who brought along a friend and we drove up the canyon the very same time all the rest of the Utah residents were going...all true.

MISSED Swiss Days this year...would love a report, anyone?

Picture 25 relatives crammed into a 900 sq. ft. cabin ages 1-84  and we got along great, really...for REAL...
with one tiny bathroom, bodies sleeping everywhere,a  few tents although a black bear has been spotted up there all summer (crazy), a trailer (smart), tons of food prepared for every meal, stinky boys and their stinky feet and hair after 4 wheelin' and pogo stick contests...tiny shower, women not wanting to get dressed and boys who wanted to keep wearing the same clothes for the duration. (no way, not allowed!) games around the kitchen table, magazines to savor, Learning and loving  what each other had been up to lately...even the teens and their love prying either.

Pogo stick was brought up by MY youngest grandson and friend...they would have a contest with each other and get up to 1,000 jumps...then it was the other ones turn to out do 1,000 jumps. During the food prayer we could hear:
bounce. bounce. bounce. bounce...and soon going up the gravel hill near by... it was the funniest thing I have seen in a long long time...bouncing right up that hill...bounce. bounce. bounce!

They were warned: grandma was not going to any emergency rooms...we would use a stick and duct tape if necessary. Must of scared them. Not even a scrape. That evening the pogo stick magically was missing.
It re-appeared the next morning in the back of my truck...HEY... who ever did that!  (not me)

Sunday morning early we received news that my uncle Jerry had passed away suddenly. By far not good news as he is the caregiver to his very ill wife, my mothers sister and her daughter. But it was comforting
that we as a family were all together and we could share our grief and support with each other, that was a blessing. My parents /sister and husband went down to visit my aunt and learned that the sister and cousins that were so close to them were in the mountains and no one could reach them. Leaving that tough job to my parents and sister.

So it's time to say GOOD BYE TO THE SUMMER...knowing the LOVE WE'LL MISS and memories we'll keep and that means to my dear uncle Jerry...see you in the eternity and sealed with a kiss.

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