Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Old bottles. Old bottles. Who's got the Old bottles?

Antique bottles can be NOSTALGIC and a bit CURIOUS.

This week over 400 of them were acquired for you.

As all 400 have been going through the dishwasher (uh huh!) and are placed into the right piles of likeness
we MARVEL at their aging process and are INSPIRED by their uniqueness yet CURIOUS about their names and where they have been. (it doesn't take much to enterain us!)

Some of THE FAVORITES are the biggest and surely appear to have Layed in a Flamming GRAVE for who knows how long. Their colors/patena will  DELIGHT YOUR VISION especially as it is the HALLOWEEN SEASON  a time for STRANGE and UNUSUAL things NOT ordinary.

Because of the quantity at the moment they will not be immediatly may do your own and we may do so as time allows. You may find jewelry or some paper items in the shop that you'll want to embelish with.  They will be affordable and because of limited space brought in a few boxes at a time.

During the HALLOWEEN OPEN HOUSE all NEXT WEEK we will have a gathering of the smallest bottles ,you may chose one with each purchase you make during the week for free.

But don't wait till next week for shopping...vintage and Halloween decor still FLYING like monkeys out the door! But then we are hauling it in pretty darn fast too.

DID YOU KNOW:  Have your dishes been coming out of the dishwasher filmy? Ours has and I have been begging for months to Mr. Roses who happens to SELL DISHWASHERS at RCWillys Syracuse (a shameless advertisement for him) to bring a NEW ONE!  Come to find out hearing on the news that PHOSPHATE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED from our dishwasher soap and THAT IS WHAT CLEANS your dishes. Apparently a pollutant. Grease from our dishes and hot water mixed with Phosphate is what clean our dishes...just a little cleaning lesson here.
They suggest pouring a cup of vinegar in your dishwasher to correct this white film...KIND OF works.

 Good luck and does anyone know where to load up on some of that "old stuff" that has phosphate?

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