Sunday, September 12, 2010

Did YOU have a FANNY?

For many generations
Back on my pedigree,
There was a special honored name
Like an heirloom seemed to be.
One girl at least of every generation
Had the name, and she bore it proudly,
Sorta felt it was a mark of fame.
But time brings many changes,
Today when it is spoke...
People start to titter,
And take it as a joke. Instead of an honored title
It's become a designation,
That I'm sure would shock and mortify
My dear old dead relation.
The name that I refer to
Is the good old name of "Fanny"
'Twas the name of my dear mother,
Her niece, good aunt, and granny,
And I guess a hundred others
Back on that family tree,
A part of a prided heritage
They passed along to me.
The name was sometimes given
To a heifer, or a mare,
But the women folks who had it
Never seemed to care,
For the animal that got it
Was a gentle, trusted critter,
So faithful and dependable,
No other name would fit her.
So time marched on, and Fannys came
And Fannys went, till now
The name's a "hiss and byword"
To modern youth somehow.
And instead of meaning "mother"
That word henceforth will be
A synonym for just a part
Of her anatomy.

Moods and Memories... by Fanny Gudmundsen Brunt.
Born in Lehi, spent most of her childhood in the Snake River Valley in Idaho.
At 15 she entered Ricks Academy, there she acquired the name of class
poet. After the birth of her sixth child she began to write in verse the precious
memories of the sage brush days.

The charm of her writing awakens NOSTALGIC MEMORIES, reflects the joys and sorrows of
daily life to which all mankind is akin, and emphasizes the happiness found along life's
Will share more this month, book written in 1945.
This is not her picture, it's one that just arrived for selling in the shop.

My Mother had an aunt Fanny, I never thought a thing about it, ever!
Did you?

Have you ever seen an old funeral card?


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