Thursday, September 2, 2010

A good FRIEND... INDEED...

My sweetest sister called today to tell me this new story of a long time friend I've had for 35 years...seems she was in the mountains
at her cabin and went down to the cabin dumpsters. She saw this elderly couple who had a truck load of limbs/branches/garbage and said to her friend "that couple looks like my parents" and so this long time friend
goes over to them and starts helping them strangers.

They start talking and my friend asks where they are from, they tell her and she says oh I have a friend that was raised there do you know a Brenda. They said why yes, it's our oldest daughter!

When I heard it was Kay didn't suprise me one bit, she has always been that way, she just has this way about her that everyone she meets is immediatly her friend and gets to know them, my dad, the same way. (We have always teased him about that.) is a big hug from me to you, what a blessing you was to my elderly parents in a time of need and thanks for being the lovely person that you are.
Many blessings are coming your way and a package from Just a bed of Roses!

So much arriving...
An antique estate Italian vase stunningly beautiful with roses just arrived
along with elixers of Rat Poison, truth serum and spider venum...
(thanks to Joni...we are getting prepared for the varments of the season)
You'll giggle when you see what else she has packaged up!
YOU are the BEST!

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