Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Antique bottles and baby born Christmas 1940

Today 2 cute ladies were in shopping Halloween...
they came up to the counter with a package that Joni had compiled so Randomly was a black
haired doll head, a bingo card, antique bottle with the name Dr. FV Conador  Price Utah in black. The bottle
was super clean and I had thought it was a decal or something, but Joni has been an antique collector since
way back before I knew her 20 years duh...why didnt I think it would be an old bottle?

Back to the baby born on Christmas day 1940...the lady said "this dr. came to my home in Price and delivered me
on Christmas Day, he was not happy at all about coming as my Dr. had the flu. In fact he didnt tie off the umbilical cord tightly and my father had to get a clothes pin and pinch it...and my belly button is normal.

We got the biggest kick that they even noticed the bottle, and the sister who lives in price (not the one who was delivered by this Dr.) bought the bottle and baby doll head.

That's one of the priceless stories of antique collecting that makes me want to collect all the more and share with You the customer...Your stories are priceless, love them all!

Bought 4 boxes of old bottles today...the halloween tags wont be available for them until next week, but we can sell them" as is "for cheaper if you want to decorate them yourselves...come on in!

I'll take pictures of some of the OLD PHOTOS...kind of HAUNTED ONES... tomorrow.

The shop is getting funner every day...come get first pick of many one of a kind handmades.

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