Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jeepers Creepers...I was only looking for Skeletons in her closet

I wanted to announce Shellie, my daughters new artwebsite & blog now posted on this blogs sidebar. She is extremely artistic and creative and is the funnest mom raising her small family of 4, you will be inspired to visit her site often. We have her humanitarian blog: brighteyes foundation listed also.

Okay, when I go to visit her, I keep my camera close by in the pocket...even in the black guest bathroom where she's got her skeleton & polka dot towels out now.

Jack Grin...belongs to her now...I will order more today if there are any left to order, he has that "tom cat up to something grin" ohhh I love black cats at Halloween.

Standing Old fashioned halloween boards in large/small with matching magnets...here is a sampling of a scarey witch. Her little girls love witches, we ALWAYS see witches in the trees at the cabin! lol! And our favorite saying "I'm going to get you my little pretty...AND your little dog too!

Nope...no skeletons in her closet THIS time.

Our Halloween trick or treaters figurines are coming in now...these are standing in a black bird cage.
Shellie, YOU can take over from here on YOUR halloween house...scarey!



C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Too cute Brenda! I am happy to see I am not the only one who starts decorating for Halloween early! Do you sell the Skeletons in the Closet things??? I am going to visit Shellie's site right now!

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

yes the pillows are in the shop.

Jeni said...

I'm happy to hear that Shellie has a blog. I'm going to check it out right now.

I love my vintage boo sign and all the fun things I got yesterday. Many thanks! Wishing you a wonderful day!

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Jeni I will blog the beautiful gift later on this evening, hope you dont mind and I will advertise your Just Be purses if thats okay with you.

Cindy said...

Little Shellie, she is somewhat like her mother, wouldn't you say. What a beautiful women.



Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Yes, little shellie, cindy.
However...she doesnt want to be her mother!!! If you know what I mean.
She definitly has her own line of talents she plays on...which is all good, even better than what I can do.

Simply Lavender said...

FUN post Brenda!
Halloween is not my fav....but Shellie makes it look pretty amazing! I'm sure JABOR is looking quite *boo-tiful too!(sorry..I couldn't help myself) Can you believe it's Sept in 6 days?? We are talking Halloween?? Where did the summer go?
Good luck to Shellie with her new blog! Isn't it amazing to watch as our children grow and spread their own sunshine!

Dix (Lavender House Gift Shoppe)

Mimi Sue said...

Really cute Brenda. She must take after her mom! There's a cute quilt show at a cute house in Kaysville this Thurs. Everyone's invited. Go to Joys thoughts and things on my sidebar to check it out. If you need the address let me know. Mimi