Thursday, August 20, 2009

I need your help & advice...

Here is the entrance door and window to my workroom, so much prettier! One can never have enough of those old metal porch chairs... I have 4 more around the yard and find them at consignment shops. Saw a cute rusty red one at General store, in layton but its gone now.

The front of the workroom on the front of the house is the first picture. I love them, exactly what I wanted.

Seriously here...the light fixtures have to go...I need something fantastic in a rusty dark brown, big and french country style possibly. Anywhere or any internet place to shop please comment I have to know. I just dont want to waste my time shopping in places I don't need to be. my garage is very long,almost as big as a home, its a triple car with this workroom on the front of it. Very convenient for a workroom for loading/unloading, customers and painting in the driveway.

And we can never park in it...hey, we have never had to rent a storage shed either!!!

Here is the next area for shutters...our side porch by the work room. They are made. Mr. Bed of roses keeps going to his real job.


Cindy said...

Yes, definetly shutters, perfect, and definetly shutters on the back area. The metal idea sounds wonderful also.

There are oddles of fabulus outdoor lights. Make sure there big. They will make such a huge difference.

I decided that those chairs would be the best for outside. Dixes got one in her shop.


Cindy said...

Oh yeah, the shutters contrast with the brick in a very stately way. I love it, for sure do it on that top window.

Who is Mary Jane?

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

cindy, you may not know mary jane she lives a few miles west and built a home right before we did.

You better get back to Lavendar house and get that chair! They usually sell 60.00 and under.

I like mine natural, in fact I will do a little blog on that, Cause I always get spray paint on them.