Thursday, August 20, 2009

a very pleasant suprise in the mail...

Most of you know that Dixie from lavendar house and I are friends... for maybe 6 years now? We email and discuss shop and family and at the end of her last email I saw in the tiniest letters something about a birthday present in the mail. I dont know how she knew it was my birthday, so it suprised me.

What I did receive was beautiful pieces of her handiwork...look closely at the strawberry pin cushion, the most creative bookmark, with the cream matching book Tuesdays with Morrie and then It reminds me of a little ghost...a doilie that has a thimble turned like a head and the holes in doily look like eyes. Am I right Dixie?

I still ache for her in the process of closing her fabulous gift shoppe, you don't see shops like hers much anymore, just fabulous decor with an old fashioned quaint feel and handmade goodies just tucked lovingly around. Good hometown friendliness.

Lets be sure to support her the next few months, she is on 92nd south and redwood road in a charming home they redid, there are sure to be some fabulous pricing now.

Sometimes our bodies just don't co-operate with what our brain is telling it to do, maybe we have just worked hard raising our families too. I do know shop keeping is super hard work. Another thing I do know that she is a friend to treasure and I love being her friend. Thanks for the beautiful presents Dixie, you know I will treasure them.

And good luck with your next ventures...whatever they may will be keeping her Dave always busy with cool projects.


Cindy said...

What a beautiful way to share friendship. Happy birthday Brenda!

Have a great day. Cindy G

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

What a wonderful surprise in the mail! I love the little ghost doily the best...

Simply Lavender said...

Hope you get to do something fabulous and indulgent!! :)
The new shutters are fabulous!love and covet them! Of course you already know that I covet your porch!!! The world-li-ness once again comes out in me! :)

*let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit*(kahill gibran)

THANKS for the kind words on your post!

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

thanks Dix, the worldliness comes out in me all the time...I'm not strong enough to push it away at my age, especially in the business we are in.
I try hard though...weak arms, weak brain!
Love my gifts.

Mimi Sue said...

Very, very cute. Isn't it great to have friends? So sorry to hear she is closing her shop. Everyone seems to be taking a hit. Love the shutters and your metal chairs. Happy birthday again. Mimi

ann at greenoak said...

hope you had a good one brenda!!! love your porch.... ann