Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here's some shabby white!

An estate dress form...this is cloth and I hand painted it with thick white house paint! This form is adjustable so it sits shorter than shown and tall as about the average ones of 4 ft or so. It is for sale: 85.00 without the antique collar, that is an extra 28.00 It will be in the shop Friday morning. If anyone is interested and for sure wants it email me at: Looks like the morning sun was just a little too bright for details, I can retry later on.

Here is the naked version of the estate dress form. And some WHITES that will be coming in. Now use your imagination with the broom know halloween is coming up! What does a shabby witch use????? A white broom of course. These also will be coming in Friday.

I will do my house project post tomorrow when I get some better pictures...I must say I am getting tired and I forgot today was my husbands birthday, he did remind me as he left for work after hanging some shudders. I seriously thought it was tomorrow.

I think we need new outdoor light would agree if you saw ours now after putting these beautiful shudders up. One things always leads to another when changing things, doesnt it? That would make a really nice b-day present for the both of us, we are two days apart.


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Oooh Brenda, everything looks wonderful! You have been working so hard! I love the door and the door ringers, and the dress form, and well, just everything...I must have a white broom! I'm sure all the "shabby chic" witches will be trading their old models in for a new white one! Happy Birthday Mr. Bed of Roses!

Jeni said...

I will definately be in to see this beauty. Thanks for the email!