Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Not blogging this morning...

It's a rainy rainy day...would love to invite you to enjoy the blogs I have listed on the side...Jenny Doh is in love with Jo Trader products, may have to look into that as she stays so healthy and trim.
Curious sofa deb, asking for brick and mortar shop supporters and her new shop pictures are refreshing.
Idyll hours...well, she is quite the story teller and has made her new blog most attractive, putting me to shame.
Cupids charm...she drives around town and works wearing her antique tiara's and you must see the elderly womans picture!
All things in the West... they are off to cousins camp today...don't get wet!
Stacys shabby shop, we could be sisters.
All things that sparkle...see what shes up to everyday
Monarch post is having alot of family memories lately, mimisues been porch hopping.
Jenni B. will tell you about getting excited for a Nov. Christmas shop hop, yes, we are participating in it, yes!
The graphics fairy...this blog uses her graphics quite often, like this pink sweetie? Plus my antique shop friends always have the neatest merchandise & stories to tell.

...I must go now, getting my nails and toe nails done this morning along with clothes shopping with Mr. Bed of Roses...give me a drink (meaning my harmless diet dr. pepper!) He does not like to shop and I do not like to shop with him either.I tell him...don't look at the price!

We loaded up Re-creations yesterday, now I need to go back and put some things on sale for the yard sale starting tomorrow and price what we brought in. A few things were: a small hutch, a white painted small small buffet, cutest painted red antique childs desk with dovetailed drawers, aqua high chair, aqua frames and mirror, an old wooden painted black 1920's 3 piece standing screen ,very plain. Old old ornate bed foot board.

We got alot ready for the big yard sale for this saturday at the weber fairgrounds,watching the weather for right now though. Will announce friday evening if we are going to show up or not.

I hope to blog this evening...I do have some new projects finished that are fun.
P.s. did I say I wasn't blogging this morning?


Cindy said...

That was a pretty big blog if you ask me. You made me want to check out all you links. I do anyway, but you realy modivated me to do it this morning. I went and checked out "Finders Keeper" and "Treasures antics" - great stores. We loved them. Have fun with Mr Bed of Roses.

Julie Marie said...

Not blogging this morning? Brenda, I think you must have had a relapse of Blog Fever as well!!! Thanks for the flattering comments about my new blog Idyllhours!