Saturday, March 21, 2009

Marie Antoinette...Queen of France-inspired mixed-media art book is in NOW!

Why is it that after all of these years we are still talking about and are attracted to Marie Antoinette? Is it her flourishing dresses, her diamond encrusted crowns, her frivolous lifestyle, or her story of broken love? Lavish food, clothing and other luxuries served up in heaping portions were for this Queen of France.
Marie is a historical icon whose decadent and beautiful way of life has insired generations of artist.
This book is an EXPERIENCE...within these pages you encounter collages, jewelry, assemblages, cards and so much more from an art community that understands the importance of allowing oneself to occasionally splurge, indulge and make grand gestures to ignite our visual senses.
The altered art jewelry in this book is spectacular, may be more inspiring to help you create something for yourself. I have brought many VINTAGE pieces into the shop in which you can create your own altered art pieces as unique as yourself.
Today I look forward to receiving some old history books to read on Marie, I will share some of the stories or parts that I find amusing with you over the next few weeks or So.
I will also be sharing my daughters FIRST recent experience to Paris, France, I have had the pictures for some times, she just needs to help me fill in the wording as I have not yet had this experience of a lifetime. Guaranteed it's on my bucket list of things to do! Hope it's on yours too.

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