Friday, March 13, 2009

Fleur De Leis...

Did I spell that right?

Fleur De Leis rhinestone jewelry neclaces have arrived in all their beautiful glory.I particularly love the bronze one...but then again a crown made fleur de neat is that!
I really didn't know how passionate "some" were about Fleur de leis until this cute young customer took off her shoe, raised her pants and showed me the most beautiful quite large tattoo wrapping around her ankle into her foot...yes it was a Fleur de leis!
We are now re-stocked in the 2nd issue of Where women create. It's wonderful. We won't be able to get these again. The next issue is going to feature Marie Osmond...just in case you were wondering.


jeni said...

Beautiful necklaces. I love the one my Mom surprised me with yesterday! And what a gorgeous antique dish it was in! See photos on blog later today.

Kelly said...

I love fleur de lies! I'm using them in my projects lately. I just did a little research on them. They are the symbolms for french royalty, and also are symbols for Mary, the mother of Christ. The legend is that the disciples wanted to see her in her coffin one more time. But the coffin was empty of her body and filled with lilies, so lilies (fleur de llies) are Mary's flowers.
I'm just full of trivial trivia, huh?
Have a great weekend, Brenda

ann at greenoak said...

i love the crown....hope they sell great...ann

Mimi Sue said...

Beautiful jewelry. I need to come in and buy something so I can get one of your cute bags with those really cute stickers! Mimi