Sunday, March 22, 2009

Antique Blog & Sunday Antique Education

I don't know if you ever read the comments on our blogs, there is one person in particular who is a "far away friend" of mine and anyone who loves antiques is an automatic friend of mine anyway, near or far. It is Susan And to top it off her name says Dutch, another bond.
Anyway...Susan shoots me an email ever so often and reminds me that she is near the ocean, that gets to me every time! Take a peek at her blogs weekly, they are written professionally as she is an English professor too.I have learned so much about antiques this past year, it helps to add value to our collections and understand the past and present times. You will see a picture of her shop dusted with snow and you'll start dreaming of coming across a little shop like hers and spending hours viewing her antique collections and more than likely you'll find something piece of the past calling your name. Find out where she is located on the East coast and feel free to comment on her blogs.
Today's subject is: have you lost your marbles?

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Susan said...

Thank you very much, Miss Brenda!
Yes, if anyone gets to southern New Jersey, stop in!!! We are right near the infamous but fictional exit from that one Sopranos episode!