Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hippity Hoppity...WE have PETER COTTONTAIL

If you would like some of our big EASTER bunnies...then you can email me Sat.and Sunday so I can get the order placed Monday before noon for a Wed.shipment.
The large bunnies are: 98.95 each or 190.00 for the set.(second picture) I would say they are around 3' The med. bunnies(first picture) possibly 2' are 56.95 each or 99.95 for the set.
We only have these 2 sets left in the shop for viewing...I am in love with them, they are better than anticipated. Don't you think so too!
Next year I will order earlier and get some "matching" bunnies to go along with these...You know how bunny families LOVE TO GROW!
I'm sure glad Easter isn't this week-end...aren't you? After having 70 degree weather this snow is not going to be so welcome.
This week I will be telling you about 3 new restaurants I have been to too may need some "time out" with friends & family.

Here is the email address for placing the special order: If you email me through this blog it seems to not get to me. Or you can make a comment if that is easier. You may also call: 801-628-0890


jeni said...

I must have one of those bunnies with the pink bow! I'll be in and if you could hold one that would be GREAT! So cute.

Enjoy this great weather!

Susan said...

Those are some BIG bunnies!!! Imagine the Cadbury Eggs they could hatch!