Sunday, March 29, 2009

HUMAN ART...understanding your own personal design

What will YOU do if the door falls off?

If you were at an establishment and the front door fell off, your first response to the situation would illustrate your tendencies, or your primary design. There are 4 catagories of dominant designs: WHITENED, SATURATED, BLACKENED and GRAYED:

The SATURATED people would stand up and announce, "The door fell off!" and would begin to delegate responsibilities to other people.

The WHITENED people would stand up and say excitedly, "Wow, The door fell off!" They would call their friends, laughing, and say, "you should have seen the door fall off. Get down here and bring a pizza. I'm not kidding, the door just up and fell right off."

The GRAYED people would say to themselves (not outloud). "The door fell off and it's near closing time. It will be difficult to get in touch with someone to come fix it, and it's supposed to rain. I wonder what caused it to fall off, anyway."

The BLACKENED people would just get up and put the door back on.

GRAYED peoples thinking is a continuous processing activity. Grayed people have a flair for details--they are excellent to have on planning committees. They leave no stone unturned, which can lead them to worry, sometimes about things that do not happen.
Important values of a GRAYED design: Thoroughness, Sanitation, Emotional availability, Romance, Experience, Accountability, Fiscal responsibility, Consistancy. Also can be: Indecisive, Inefficient, emotionally draining, slow moving/thinking.

Jimmy Stewart is a good description of a grayed person. They LOVE: light coming through the forest, filtered and strained. Moss hung trees by the quiet ponds, abalone shell, heather and the full-blown rose, gentle winding stream. We have the book Human Art...understanding your own personal design available at the shop, has a nice box for gift giving. It is written by Brook and Rod Thornley and the art work by Donna Kearney is spectacular. This book is so valuable to me, I use it in decorating or just helping someone pick out a piece of jewelry. I can usually figure their design out pretty quickly by using the guides in this book, I see what a person is wearing or the shapes in their face and body features.
Yesterday a new shopper came in and she was definitly blackened, our small or cluttery jewelry would just not do, she needed bold chain with something stunning and big on it, in darker gold tones. Her clothes and her body and what she was drawn to was an instant elimination of what she wouldnt like.

We will talk about Blackened next originates when you dump black into the color wheel...think of the grand canyon or Arnold Swarzenegger, Niagara Falls. You will love this book.

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Mimi Sue said...

How interesting. I love those kinds of things. Personality tests and the like. Love the cookies, er, big cookie your husband made. It may start a new fad. Mimi