Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Surprise...OPENING WEDNESDAY 10:30-3:00

Customers requesting we open for Wednesday as they are wanting to christmas decorate all Thanksgiving week-end and Christmas shop...I will be there probably until 3:00
Want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving...Oh, check out the ebay auctions...www.justabedofroses.com and click on auctions at the top of the website, it will take you right into the ebay auctions...some great items!!!

There should be PLENTY of PARKING with the beauty shop gone and the Barber shop is taking an early start to Thanksgiving, plusthe school district started theirs too!

P.S. we saw Twilight today...Edward and Bliss had this instant chemistry...I had no idea about Vampires, must have a sheltered life...Now I want to read the 2nd book! No wonder the girls are piling in for the twilight neclaces...

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