Friday, November 14, 2008

Holiday Hustle & Bustling to help you make yours Special this year...

For some reason my format changed on it something I clicked accidently? probably! Here is an estate royal Copley deer/faun that will be up for auction, it is a vase, lovely condition and I am looking up its age.

Yesterday I did quite a bit of ordering on the vintage style Christmas trees, the tallest silvers trees are out of stock...there will be pink & shabby colored bellsnickles, pale green antique trees, more sizes in golds all in urns. speaking of silver antique one just came into the shop, from the late 50's early 60's we put it on display, comes with original box and each stem stores away in its own wrapper.
It's 100.00 4 ft. and a color wheel for 40.00 If it has not sold by auction will go up for auction...could pull in more you know what I am saying here!!! Dont snooze!
Another style of tree will be arriving...vine trees in sizes 2,3 & 4 ft. with glitter! More Santa Baby pillows are on their way along with a few angel cats that would make awesome presents for your cat lover friends. Who doesn't love cats?
Today I will finish up MANY Christmas florals I started yesterday...they will come in shop on Saturday along with a few antique sleds.This gingerbread boy is standing in an old old bread pan!
Jayna created her art pendants with the theme of Twilight series books, ya know Edward, Bella, bite me, vampire love story stuff, they are flying out the door...we have asked her now not to sleep, only make charms from now until Christmas, even her Hello Kitties are adorable.
Something we are so excited about is that next week we have sparkly glittered rhinestone ball caps coming in...great for anyone, any age and best teen gift and for those who golf or play tennis these are a Must have. We can get your whole teams glamorous matching caps...just give us a week! Oh, some caps are pink camaflauge and zebra print... PLUS heart purses like you have never seen before.
I am very inspired by Where Women Create...I showed it to Mr Bed of Roses and he mused over it for quite some time...then he stated something like is it that I can see their floors???

Kaari Meng from the French general's favorite quote: Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. Here is her blog:
We are feel lucky to carry these wonderful books...come own one too!
If you are out and about visiting boutiques going on in your neighborhoods, I can think of two in Syracuse right now, stop in and visit us too, its going to be a beautiful shopping day!

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Mimi Sue said...

It was so good seeing you the other day. Your shop is looking very festive! Love it. Mimi