Saturday, November 29, 2008


Our THANKSGIVING DINNER...was was yours? We went to our sons girlfriends sisters home, they are Spanish...and can they ever make authentic salsa, JUST 5 different styles!!!Lets just forget having the Traditional sweet potatoes & fruit salad and I could not pull myself away from the salsa,mostly the green one.
My son loves to deep fry ta daaaa here it is, soo tasty good too. Then we ate homemade Carnitas...which is deep fried pork cooked outside for 4 looks yummy and it WAS yummy...there is no way I could of eaten my mashed potatoes. And pie from Sandy's...slid right down, no problem, pie is my favorite!

If this just got you in the "CRAVING SPANISH FOOD MOOD"...come on down to Francisco's next to the shop...he cooks authentic and they would love to see you today and so would I.


Anonymous said...

Oh that looks delicious!!! I love green Salsa and...well, I love all Salsa!! I would have been in Heaven had I been there..and probably miserable because I would have stuffed myself! Great photos! Hope you and the family had a marvelous time :) xoxo

jeni said...

Shane would have enjoyed that salsa bar. He loves the stuff. The hotter the better for him. I would like to try all those recipes. What a fun holiday and experience. See you soon. My Mom showed me her beautiful things from your store.