Thursday, November 13, 2008

These angels candleholders are from an estate and will be in the November ebay auction coming up. They are Howard Holt 1964 with labels on the bottom, excellent condition! The quilt is a very old pieced and hand quilted from the south, it is one of maybe 6 or so quilts that will be auctioned off. I will give good details and many more pictures of the same item when they go up for auction, I beleive in full disclosure on items that I sell. Stay tuned for more peeks!

In appreciation to Candi Higley who spotlighted Just a bed of roses so beautifully with a huge page with pictures in their monthly antique Deseret Antique Times newspaper, we are handing them out to everyone, its just so exciting to have some extra exposure, we love new customers alot!

As we speak the Christmas florals are being made and coming in daily now, usually done with antique containers, gingerbread, holly, old ornaments, pine, holly, some rusty and some very shabby chic crystally...I love to make them when I have a few moments to just dig in and create.

We carry the montly publications of Romantic Homes, this is Nov. issue and we already have been selling Dec. pretty shabby & chic issue. Here is a cute story of one of our favorite customers named Julie V...well she brought this picture into the shop (which is pictured below) and said she was sending it in to the editor and hoping to be featured on this page...well, her husand and I just kind of chuckled and thought...well, nice Julie, but you have a long wait for that to come. So the next month she walks into the shop and there is the new nov. issue just unboxed, she grabbed it and low and behold...there it was, her article on the pie chickens that she collects AND I was so thrilled that she mentioned her favorite shop was Just a bed of roses and thats where she buys her Romantic homes issues. So I thank her from the bottom of my heart, it was thrilling to say the least, your a sweetheart Julie V

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