Friday, November 7, 2008

ANTIQUE EBAY AUCTION...coming this month

Wow, how lucky, the computer just co-operated and I was able to add some Halloween pictures. This is the two year old arriving home and immediatly dumped out her goodies...isnt this so familiar for kids to do? Some do a little trading...dont they?
Shellie made these pumpkin pies for us...recipe of hamburger mixture covered with delicious!

And here is Jurians Pumpkin turtle he carved and won a prize for at the school pumpkin decorating contest...pretty creative wouldnt you say?

Here is appropriate for an 11 year old, a nerdy pumpkin, braces is wire with staple gun staples holding it on...way to go Conner. I love to go to their home, its always full of creativity.

Okay...This is something I have not done since opening the shop and that is to sell on ebay which I had previously done for 6 I wanted to get you excited about it as the past two years I have collected some antiques that are wonderful and the shop just cannot hold these pieces as they are just too big.

This is what I am planning...the week of Thanksgiving (Sunday before to the Sunday after) the auction will begin on ebay. It will be simple for you to find as you just go to the shops website: (which I never update, sorry no time) and at the top you click the auction button and you go right to my ebay auctions.
When my computer comes back home I will start giving sneek peeks right here on this blog of many old antique quilts, neat sled, gold cherub on fish with pot very shabby, antique dish sets, general store collectables, neat old books, jewelry and many things I am unable to recall at the moment. Most of these would make impressionable Christmas gift giving.

Spread the word and lets just have a fun time with this. Because these items are large, many will not be able to be shipped. The quilts will be fine to ship in the United States.
Stay posted...and the deseret times antique magazine did the nicest and I mean nicest article on the shop, I just cried when i read it, stop in, get you a copy as they did a page on Teas n you tea shop also. I will take a picture this weekend and share. Thanks Candi Higley!


jeni said...

Love all the photos. Those pies are too cute. I'll be by for a few more ornaments. Love the ones I got!

Mimi Sue said...

I'd like the recipe for the pumpkin pie if you have it. I'm gonna try to come by the shop tomorrow to get the magazine. We've been super busy with the basement finishing, YW in Excellence, Festival of Trees, on and on. Hope to see you soon!!