Tuesday, June 3, 2014

planning ahead

Mark the date...Joni and I are preparing NOW for the November 15th Fleattitude event held at the UTAH state fairgrounds (same building as vintage whites was held in March). 

THIS will be our selling of ChRiStMaS designs created for your gift giving and home decorating all vintage inspired. We're getting our nails dirty, paints a flying, rubber stamp & paper designing, vintage fabrics, collections gathered, color sorting our STASHES, vintage ornies, entertaining in vintage...working on a creative display for our same area. 

We look forward to seeing you then... let's savor the summer weather, the traveling adventures, family get togethers, enjoying hunting and gathering of all things vintage and all that mother nature has to offer before it turns cold and wet.

Carl and I really look forward to selling at Fleattitude in Pleasant grove on August 9th (saturday). We have some good pickin's for you. Such a fun eclectic event to come to. 

If your going to some wonderful antique/vintage shows this summer..Please...you can let us know about them, hint hint!

 If you see some neat Glamping going on...would love to see !
We travel...but love the motel life, so much easier, and no maintanance. Pretty sure it has something to do with our age!

Shopette at home...who knows when it will be open again, it's always a suprise to me too! But for now, nothing is planned and we are busy busy bees. Carl loves yard work, I don't know how he has patience for those weeds that pop up non stop. We could open a few days in june and some in july...and probably not on a weekend. 

Have you heard me say "we just love being retired"...still TRUE... sometimes carl says he needs to go back to work for the rest! (I won't let him, oh no.) His problem...he has to fix everything in sight, there is no asking him, it's done before I know it...not complaining.

Pretty sure there won't be any animals in our life to tie us down...besides I get a gag reflex when I see a person kiss a dog or is it a dog kisses a person on the lips. Is that just Me? ugh nasty. (we did family pets when the children were at home, those days are over). I do love dogs. looking at a person sweating does the same gag thing. Is there something that just gags you?

We are loving on our grandchildren much more now, so precious to us. 

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