Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Change is inevitable

 Change came to us...beginning mid march. This sign officially made our property a CORNER LOT. It might seem itty bitty to some, at first to us it seemed okay, not anticipating the real process of developement. We were the first home out here 20 years ago among hundreds of farming acres. Not complaining, I like people and neighbors. It was dark which kind of scared me.  

 The dirt flies...lots of dirt that gets dug and stirred around, pretty much every day...12 or more hours per day. Our windows/porches get dirt coated. Noises like beep beep, humming/grinding of big trucks going back and forth, water lines get cut, the road in front sounds like thunder everytime someone goes over it...still, it's quite interesting.

   Patience is needed. For the developer too, especially when it rained and turned to mud. I might just have to get me that fence on my wish lists. declutter my vintage piles, even more. (to keep up with the jones'  soon to come?)  Acre lots are alot of work. Am I whining? mmm... Probably!

 Road base is being poured, lots of it,  the rattling of the roller truck is making the house shake and everything in it just like a 5.5 earthquake. As I sit here, I am shaking like an earthquake so are the dishes. Should I  just go to bed and pull the covers up? Bedroom happens to be on this side...have I made you feel sorry for me YET? 

 As I walked around the yard I thought " just find peace, change is inevitable" and it will get worse with the building of 16 new tap tap tap, pound. pound. (hammers). so deal with it.

 Our roses took a beating this winter, was so happy to find these pretties blooming among the barnwood pieces in the yard. 

 How can you not find peace with GREEN it's so refreshing.
The ferns will reach over 4' as they enjoy the 80 degree weather. 

 The flowers and garden grows with anticipation,
 it's nice to find joy with mother nature. Can you see my rusty wire basket...found that at acorn antique show, from Heidi. (she has the best rusty garden stuff). 
So maybe by Christmas...we'll have new neighbors AND a paved road!


Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

That would be aggravating for sure, but when you have that GORGEOUS shoppette sitting there....that's where I would be with the music turned up! (*_*) xo

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

Well that's kind of a pain to have all of that noise and dirt. You have such a great place. Sure hope they're fast and you have your quiet back soon.