Sunday, May 4, 2014

Some things are meant to be

Sooner or later...I had to stop in to the former Just a bed of roses.
                    What a nice fit for this historic community.
what a be LOYAL, just what a cycle should be.

 With the striped awning down and new speaking windows, the LOYAL CYCLE CO. made a grand window plus created it's style.

Notice how "clean cut" this place is...come inside.

 Here the old brick wall is covered with awesome bikes...see how it goes CLEAR BACK to the more tiny isle ways or big bulky counters (but we loved stacking them up each day & season).

The green is refreshing and naturalistic, gone are the grays. chocolate brown, old red...the've even added some fan lighting.

 These hardwood floors got a nice good deep cleaning and repairs...they were so old and worn, yet I loved their creaky noise and old charm. This building has served many a customer in various ways...even dr. packer DDS. down the road said he did dentistry here, was a phone office.. number please, and a little cafe. There are photo's in the late 1800's when the streets were dirt and horse carriages lined main street.(okay, lets not start crying).

Here is the far right, this basket is the area where our general store counter was for checking out. Now stands a row of bikes. Can you see to the left, that whole stainless steel counter is GONE...all gone, making one complete big room! Pretty much love it!

 Even though my heart was pounding for a few minutes to get out of the car to go look inside...I am glad after 4 months to finally have done it. It made me happy, and feel fortunate to have had 7 years in this space to search/create/sell and knew without a doubt it was someone elses time. To be a part of Farmingtons history. THIS is a very old building...yes it had it's flaws, unlike the new, but the price was right and the space worked for me just like it does for this new do you like the business hours...never need to worry about parking spots!

Thank you my dear friends for sharing those times...without you it would not have been worth it. 

Some things are meant to be! 

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Mimi Sue said...

WOW! Just a little bit different than when you were there! Nice but yours was the best...Mimi

PS Miss it a lot!