Tuesday, December 31, 2013

empty windows dec. 31 2013

Pardon my tears for a little bit...when I pulled away from the blank empty dark windows of the shop today...It was such a shock I just needed to cry all the way home...just might feel really good to cry all night.

Besides all of the good..I thought of the bad too, or the parts I really disliked about running the shop, it helped ease the pain...like sharing a bathroom with the barber and he never taking a turn to clean, or tons of leaves that fall non stop, or wonder what would happen if I got sick, or a snow storm to drive in, or getting robbed (which never happened), paying all the bills on time, what to wear,driving 30 mins each way to work...etc.etc. etc.

My husband was laughing at customers Cathy and Charlene today...they boldly stated to him that we had ruined their life by closing! He has told me all night how I ruined someones life! They were customers/became friends in my very first store in the early 1990's. Aren't they precious, I just love and adore them. I love that vintage really does matter to them, always has and always will...and that it does to so many of you. 

Mostly... it was really good tender loving & thankful thoughts, friends I've made, things that were learned.My husband is more like "we sure did move alot of stuff through that place" type of feelings.  Although it is impossible to make everyone happy I understand that's just how business works.

And I'm so sorry for those situations that just didn't go right.   

But right now I need to go back to my crying.
Probably just exhausted... and it will pass. 

Our garage is so stuffed...the truck fits by less than an inch I was told! Oh dear...I may be busier than I want to be! But for now...I will savour getting the choice to just "do what I want." Really, that's what retired people do???  I have so much to learn about this! 

Jan 1 2014... I will be ready to start the new year with my new word...BALANCE. 


quiltmonkey said...

Oh, my gosh!! I had no idea until I saw the BLACK windows! I have so enjoyed shopping at Bed of Roses and have already marked my calendar with those dates you gave us for upcoming events. I hope this works out better for your family - I always wondered how you did it Saturday after Saturday. Hope to see you at the fairgrounds!
Love, Mary Crow

quiltmonkey said...

Oh my gosh I had no idea until I saw the BLACK windows this afternoon on my way home from work. I have so enjoyed shopping at Bed of Roses over the years and wish you the best. I always wondered how you did it Saturday after Saturday and hope this works out better for you. I have already marked my calendar with your upcoming dates and hope to see you at the fairgrounds in March!
Love, Mary Crow

Becci Bybee said...

I will miss you! Whenever I needed a vintage fix or something special for a project I found them both in your shop.
Thank you for your friendship!
Becci Bybee

Debbie Thompson said...

I'm so sad that the store is closed but so HAPPY for you to find the BALANCE you want in life!!! I've so enjoyed getting to know you and love visiting with a fellow Vintage Lover... So excited for the upcoming shows that you will be in... Your booth will be the BEST.... All My Love
Debbie Thompson