Sunday, December 15, 2013

hang in there...grinch and all

To all the mothers who get to throw Birthday parties in December...just hang in there!

My two granddaughters birthdays are in Dec.they have been celebrated now. Stevi was born on Christmas day, and chose Dec. 12th to celebrate. I think it's a great idea chosing to celebrate on a day they want...after's not that exciting to open more presents after Santa comes.

To all those that feel "the Grinch" tries to steal Christmas in some form or other...your not alone.

 Last week after a long day of work, no food, tired, FREEZING COLD, my vehicle wouldn't turn on. To me...a bit, okay, alot trauma-tizing...seeing the car being towed late at night, husband having to drive 30 mins. down to help,me not knowing what to do, going in and out of the vehicle for days... then "the grinch" presents a bill! 

It happens...I guess that's why we have emergency funds, because Murphy and the grinch usually visits... We've been taught Christmas comes every year...Dec. 25th without fail.

My elderly parents have been warned by all 5 of us not go outside, it's too cold, there is ice and germs and no driving!
(Fingers crossed, phone call follow-ups)

Last year on this day my dad came close to death with an emergency diseased gallbladder surgery and was ill a long long time. We didn't really care that much that Christmas was coming.

We know trials, emergencies come regardless what the calendar says.

I just read Elizabeths Smarts story...just couldn't put the book down. I had no idea the extent of evilness this young woman had to endure. How hungry she had gone. What an evil monster her kidnapper was.  I love how it was written, how honest she was, and how gracefully she has chosen to live her future. How blessed her family must feel. We should pray hard for those who are at the hands of evil, who are missing and starving right now.
May those who are evil get their just reward.    

Hang in there!

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