Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Some stories end with happily ever after

Once upon a time 2013 season theme, a shop filled with things loved from the past and ready to match up with owners to be loved in a new home.

Now it's perfect timing to come to the end of this brick and mortar shop chapter with the other chapters written within the pages of our 7 year blog.

Some stories end with Happily ever after...I'll think about it tomorrow... to all a good night and so forth.

 Because I am  only seeking balance in my life... Just a bed of roses will become a shopette, smaller, quicker and better.

Our first event together with joni (including Bonnie Tibbitts) is: vintage whites market March 8th Saturday  UTAH STATE FAIRGROUNDS. You want to mark this one on  your calendar, it is only ONCE  a  year.
join it on fb or their blog.

This one will end with "this is not the end".  

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