Sunday, December 8, 2013

Trimming everything with GREENS

trim the trees, the mantle, the buffet, doors, windows, tables...trim with GREEN!
 around my home...fresh white Christmas cactus blooms on time

 nativity in white sits among aqua GREEN fabric.
(a tree skirt scrunched up) 

Christmas stockings hang on candleabra
trimmed with GREEN pine and berries.

Most important this time of year is to remember your health...think GREEN and eat GREEN.

Here is a recipe for an avocado dressing:

2 large avocado's
1-2 large sweet oranges or 1/2 c. fresh lemon juice
(i prefer oranges)
1 TBS. extra virgin olive oil
3 TBS. rice vinegar
2 cloves garlic
1/2 tsp. fresh ground pepper
1/2 tsp. sea salt
add water to achieve desired consistency.
Blend all ingredients in a high powered blender (like blend-tec, my favorite) until smooth. few mins.

Avocado's are rich in the best fats. You can eat an entire large avocado almost every day and not gain weight, don't fear to use them in abundance. This is the season that they are their best. They have become one of my best friends over the past few years.

              awesome to take to a Christmas party! 

I'm back on my healthy lifestyle living...(got sloppy with it about june) hope you enjoy my sharing things I think are important for having a healthy IMMUNE SYSTEM. That was my word for the year. I'm glad it was and has been for the past two years because my immune system is where it needs to be right now. A big job and well worth it!

P.s.  I even lost 4 lbs this week eating healthy...a benefit and a miracle!

most of this recipe was from
I tweaked it some. 

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