Saturday, July 6, 2013

Time to wrap it up...

It's been a blast this 4th of July holiday
I don't remember when we have ever watched 
bombs bursting in air...2 hours
of fireworks  completely surrounding our home.
Weather was still for a change.
(thank goodness the fields of crops are still green).

Thankful for our land of the free...
although freedom isn't really free.

Many are now loading up their tents/trailers/cleaning cabins
Only to take home new memories of July 2013
spent with friends and families.
But not before one more night of hanging out around the campfires.

Some have traveled the daughter took
an 8 day art retreat with the instructor at the New York
Academy of the Arts. Painted in famous places.
(hopefully I can share her trip on here later)

Then...her family joined her in New York for enjoying the famous sights,
Broadway and for the 4th of July boated on the Hudson and circled the
Statue of Liberty during the fireworks.
That would be nice to cross that venture off the bucket list!

Many kodak moments
(I'm showing you our new stamped wrapping paper by the way).

My 15 yr. old grandson has been here 10 days...
It's been one big movie marathon...
today was Despicable Me...loved it, now him and his grandpa
are watching his first James bond movie, Goldfingers.
Got in Man of steel plus The Lone Ranger.

I taught him how to do antique shopping and get up early for the yard sales.
He kind of got into it
and he was so nice to help!

Thanks to the us a break from our heat wave.
Some have abandoned the yard and work to enjoy the Ocean,
beaches...I know one of you got engaged AND married!
(couldn't be happier).

It's time to think of getting the shop back opened
Monday at 11:00

This is a new tag Joni made for selling in the shop.
Her handmades sure brings on the giggles!
There will be some more crinkly off white tea dyed ribbon
coming in, among a car load of vintage.

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