Thursday, July 4, 2013

Patriotic... at home

It was time for our sunroom to have a change,
using old chunky wood this table is just right with the
spotty zinc top.
A floral settee in charcoal/golds will sit behind it.

Summer Patriotic display

2nd time at Taggerts grill
(in taggert)
This time with family
(try the fish and chips...and for our 3rd time... the french dip, oh my!)

Off he goes with his puppy in hand!

Wedding/funeral basket Props with Patina
for renting

Put your fresh cut flowers in this vintage jar
set inside a rusty metal fan cover on vintage plates.

vintage White iron table base. white wicker.
Patina rentals

Come this way

You can own some Shirley temple
because...we are still a "buy me" shop!

Have the best Red. White. blue. day!

It will be nice to have temps under 100 degrees, won't it!

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