Wednesday, July 31, 2013

a pictures worth a thousand words for fleattitude vintage market saturday

                                                         Pictures worth a thousand words but I dont' have any pictures so you'll have to visualize what we are bringing to fleattitude:     Pink stuff
                                                    rusty stuff
                                                    red wagon
                                                    metal gate
                                                    old wooden food crates
                                                    vintage numbers
                                                    vintage jewelry $5.00 each
                                                    doilies, hankies, linens $1.00
                                                    vintage kitchen items in reds
                                                    large aqua cooler
                                                    fur coats 
                                                    baby dresses and rompers
                                                    metal hangers for displaying
                                                    big metal coat rack
                                                    old milk zinc boxes
                                                    tool boxes
                           so much I can't remember what is boxed up!
                                                   ALL UNDER PRICED
                                                    OH small ladders
                                                   maybe the aqua screen door!
                                                See you at Fleattitude
                                                   65 E. 200 S 
                                                  Pleasant grove, utah
                                                  saturday 8-4
                                          Just a bed of Roses will be open
                                          Thursday. Friday. & Saturday

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