Tuesday, July 23, 2013

ksl.com antique listing

Montgomery ward treadle sewing machine
antique oak
sewing machine could be workable, I just don't know for sure.
One the left of the top there was a break and repair in the wood.
price reflects the damage.

solid oak door..heavy
(more brown than pictured, oh the sun is bright)
I call it the principles door.
heavy glass, the top has metal design running inside it.
This measures: 81 3/4 x 35 3/4"
hardware is on it.

antique solid oak door
(oops its upside down)
hardware and nice condition.
150.00 each
3 available
sizes are close to: 31  3/4 x 81  1/4 and 81  3/4

Just listed on ksl.com
under antiques
just call:

located in west haven

today we prepared for the event:
(50 vendors)
in pleasant grove next saturday
we dug out, tagged and boxed for our booth.

If you love vintage linens and doilies
there is a huge laundry basket filled
for only $1.00 each
a super duper buy!
Plan to come dig through our vintage.
bring lots of cash and a husband so you can
buy and he can carry it to the truck!
(anyway, that's how I've trained mine!)

I love to dig through our garage this time of  year
it's so nice and warm
a benefit of summer
and I love to discover what has been in storage for awhile.

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