Friday, March 22, 2013

What can you do?

Back room bargains:
organized into 5 and 10.00 boxes
some a dollar,
will make you think
What can I do with this stuff!

Lots of rusty/rustic pieces
odds and ends
counted cross stitchings
dig. dig. and dig some more.
The more you buy the better the pricing.

Spring break is now officially on!

Come see what is on sale IN THE SHOP too.
5.00 any purse or wallet
1/2 off select items
saying signs 25% off or less
spring jewelry sales 
charm-it charms/bracelets 1/2 off
furniture mark-downs.
great stuff if you are a re-seller and creative.

uh huh
the beach looks great doesn't it?
But if you can't make it right now
come in
and shop
Just a bed of roses
Friday/saturday 11:00-5:30
15 e. state street
farmington, utah

p.s. we have newly arrived stuff too!

from pearls to industrialized

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