Wednesday, March 6, 2013 pearls

It's fun to play in my workspace at home,
this is using our new velvety florals,
pearls and vintage.

Travel case, I replaced the mirror with a giant
rose with hydrangea's in velvet, added an antique
rusty lid and vintage papers rolled up.
The little sacks of vintage crochet in
many spring colors are for selling.

Pink and cream vintage collage

Old frame used for clipping photo's.

This is me sitting on my grandmothers porch.
Thinking I was about 8 or 9,
just looking at the door gave me some feelings
that brought tears to my eyes.

I have so many memories inside that door
of cousins, aunts, uncles, holidays, birthdays,
and just something to do on sundays.
 Many of them have passed on.

I can still see all of the furniture
as it was then, the piano, the food smells.

The laughter
my aunt Lynette who always had to do everyone hair.
(and compare who had the biggest boobs)

Do you ever think about your grandmothers front door?
I hadn't for a long long time.

My mother told me today that she feels her sisters
who have passed on around her.
I'm so glad,
she needs that.

Pretty quilted vintage hanger with velvety roses

I also worked on some chalkboard items
they will be in the shop
(sorry the cream frame I am keeping, but
the other items are for selling.)

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